Devlin Irish Whiskey

750 ml

Devlin Irish Whiskey is a traditional Irish Whiskey inspired by heritage. Crafted in small batches, it is distilled in classic pot stills using the finest Irish grains and pure, natural Irish spring water. It is aged to perfection in charred oak casks creating the perfect flavor blend found only in the best Irish Whiskeys. Smooth and sweet with a rich nutty flavor, Devlin Irish Whiskey has balanced flavors of toasted wood and vanilla notes.


40% ALC/VOL, 80 Proof

Our Story

Walking in the footsteps of their ancestors, Devlin handcrafts their Irish Whiskey by using an original family blend that has survived over 200 years of history. With pride for their heritage and respect for their homeland, they combine traditional Irish whiskey techniques with ingredients unique to Ireland.

Please Sip Responsibly.

Devlin Irish Whiskey 40% ABV / 80 Proof.

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